March 6, 2012

Fitting Woes

Last night I thought I'd finished fitting the neverending Jumper.  Then I took photos today and realized, no.  There are wonky wrinkles in back that just won't do.  There's some wrinkling at the side seams too but I think that's from being basted together and taken in a couple cm.  Draping before final sewing should fix them.

I was mentally ready to sew the thing together.  Now I have more fitting and no motivation.  I'm hoping adding width to the back hip will fix the wrinkles, but who knows?

Fitting is so frustrating, especially on my own.  I see all these sewists with beautifully fitted dresses and wonder, how did they do that?  I can't even get a simple sheath to lie flat.


  1. First of all, I think a simple fitted sheath is one of the trickier things to fit---no gathering, no belts, nothing to hide the tiniest wrinkles. I think a touch more width on the hips would release those wrinkles, and I think the rest looks fabulous! It's very easy to over fit and drive yourself nuts---this looks great!

    1. Thank you. It was so disheartening to think the fit was great, then get a look at the back. I shall plunge in with renewed vigor…someday.

  2. don't let it get you down - everyone has fitting difficulties sometimes - they don't necessarily always post them on the web, although some do. Personally, I always appreciate honesty and we can all learn from each other's mistakes.


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