May 30, 2012

Easy (Almost) Invisible Fair Isle Increase

I wanted to share a simple increase for colorwork knitting.  When used on the thumb gussets of the Peerie Flooers Mittens the result is practically invisible.

Knit to your increase point, knit the stitch with both colors, and you've worked the increase!  For the gusset I increased after the first marker and before the second marker every round.  I really like that it doesn't draw pull the work vertically like a lifted increase.

One downside: both colors of yarn are slightly visible at the base of each stitch, especially before blocking.  Your increase also cannot be the same color as the stitches on both sides.

Insert needle to knit

Wrap both colors of yarn around the needle

Pull both strands through and one stitch has become two

After working 3 inc's on each side

Other side of gusset
The finished gusset


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