June 24, 2012


I sew when I have more energy, knit when I have less, and I've been knitting a great deal.  I want to sew, I have ideas and fabric for lovely summer tops and dresses, but all the thousand little steps are too much.  I did finish a top, and my machine is still out…but I just don't have it in me to sew.

Instead of thinking about all the things I can't do and really really want to do, I knit.  Even when I have migraines all day for 2 weeks in a row and wish I could sleep through life, I still knit.  When anything I read falls out of my ears, or I'm home alone and lonely, and especially when I hurt too much to think or talk or concentrate on a movie, I knit.

I'm currently mulling knitted lace ideas, so watch this space for designs.  Today I discovered the solution to one idea and will be charting and swatching away.  Plus I started a sweater!


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