September 20, 2012

My Mom

In a word, my mom is amazing.  I've dealt with chronic illness for 19 years and she's supported me the whole way.  While friends and community have fallen away, she's remained despite the pain she feels seeing me in pain.  My entire life she's been loving and supportive.  She's my best friend.

I mentioned hoping to go to a party last weekend and she said she'd drive me.  That would involve over an hour of driving just to pick me up and drop me off, plus her evening gone, but she's happy if it means I can see friends and enjoy myself.  I do the best I can to take care of myself, and I work really hard at it, but for the many many times I fall short it's so good to know my mom has my back.

That's why I was thrilled to discover that the Tangled Yoke sweater fits her perfectly!  She was so excited to have a new sweater, it's essentially made to measure for her, and the project was an unmitigated success :)
My beautiful mother in her new sweater :)

I took some in-progress photos while creating the front placket, so stay tuned for that mini tutorial plus better photos of the cable.


  1. Your mom has a very nice figure and the sweater looks like it fits her perfectly. I would love a front placket like that on all my round collared sweaters. It is so flattering plus prevent that "choking me" feeling... :)

    1. Thank you, Sue :)
      You're in luck--I'm preparing a post about how I did the front placket. It's surprisingly simple.

  2. What a lovely gift to your mom! She looks very happy and sassy to be in it.


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