December 26, 2012

Christmas Knitting

Does it still count as Christmas knitting if I start it the day after?  I chose to do no holiday knitting this year, which pairs nicely with my No Deadlines rule.  However, I had no gift for my sister and no idea what she'd want.  Then I saw a very cute coffee cup cozy project, dug up some leftover yarn, and swatched last night.

It's a take off on Kate Davies' Owls, but in coffee form.  And much much smaller, so I should be able to start and finish today.  I hope she likes it.  As a neurobiology PhD candidate I know she drinks a lot of coffee!

Owl Coffee Cozy by Tiny Dino

Owls by the super awesome Kate Davies

I've been feeling pretty miserable lately and have had little to post about.  I stuck to the concept "if you can't say anything nice..."


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