March 6, 2013

Ugh, Pockets

Burda 04-2010 #119
slash pockets of disgruntlement
Some people have sleeve issues, I have pocket problems.  The slash pockets on my navy trousers are gaping.  I used hem binding when sewing the pocket seams, so they wouldn't stretch and gape, but even after pressing, steaming and moving the upper edge, they're still gaping :(  I just read a tip to fully stretch the pocket opening before sewing, so I'll try that next.  Any changes I make from here on require unpicking finished seams so it's becoming a bit overwhelming.

As far as overall fit goes, taking in one leg by 2cm helped a lot so I think that part is figured out.  I basted on the waistband tonight: hips-to-waist and pockets aside, the trousers fit well.  I'm almost out of navy thread, having unpicked at least as much as I've sewn, so moved on to brown for basting.  It's much easier to see when unpicking, a nice bonus.  I invested in a scalpel-style seam ripper and it'll earn its keep this week!

ETA: I've added a Follow by Email feature, on the upper right below the About Me.  Thanks to reader Maren for bringing it to my attention.


  1. Summer, you might also try tacking down the pockets in a few spots. That way they're be sure to lie flat but you'll still be able to put your hands in them (should you want to).

    1. Thanks Peter, unfortunately the pockets are just big enough for my hands. I think I've found a solution by adjusting the tension between the pocket lining and hip piece. I'd probably go crazy if the trousers had pockets that I wasn't able to use! I'd try to put my hands in them over and over and over.

  2. Could it be that the hem binding is doing precisely the opposite of what you intended? After steaming (which relaxes cloth rather than shrinking it)you may end up with something even worse.
    Gaping pockets usually means they have been cut a little too large.


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