June 1, 2013

A Baby Sweater

My favorite cousin is pregnant, due in a few weeks, and I'm knitting a sweater for her baby.  I chose machine washable alpaca yarn in a gorgeous teal color, very soft and squishy.  I designed a back-button cardigan with a CF cable and garter st edging, inspired by a sweater on Ravelry.  Apparently buttons on the back makes it easy to change sleeping babies, at least that's the rumor.

I had 2 false starts: first my actual gauge didn't match my swatched gauge.  Then I forgot to compensate for the fact that cables pull the fabric in.  But now it's progressing well, and there's almost enough to be worth sharing...but I'll share anyway ;)

My sweater so far

© Oxhy Dryle
Inspiration sweater: Vendredi by Oxhy Dryle

I didn't intend to knit exactly the same cable as the inspiration sweater--which is in French, so easier to design my own than attempt a translation.  But my yarn was so squishy that the first cables I swatched almost melted into the fabric.  This one holds it own, however, and adds a modern flair.

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  1. I love that bright color! It's going to be a beautiful sweater.


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