September 24, 2014

Knitting in my DNA

Or rather, my DNA in my knitting!  My hair is now long enough that stray strands are knit into my work, especially the blanket.  I wonder what a future owner might conclude about me by my hair or DNA.  I did a little mental auto-anthropology when this came to mind ;)

The blanket so far

I've almost finished the blanket's fourth column of six squares, which leaves the fifth and last column plus the border.  It may get a simple dark grey edging, or something fancier like a color blocked rainbow border.  We shall see.  I'm also waiting on more light grey yarn, which is backordered, and hoping the dye lots match well enough.  With autumn weather having arrived, I was snuggled under it today while knitting.  Nice and warm.

With a cat for scale
The color placement should look more even and random once the last column is on.  I hope...


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