November 17, 2014

Salmonberries in Winter

I finished this sweater in June, at least the knitting of it.  I found buttons for it a couple weeks ago, and here it is!  Just in time for winter :)

This sweater took F O R E V E R to knit, but it's done and full of cozy squishy warm alpaca/wool goodness.  Salmon berries are a delicious local berry, and seemed the perfect descriptor.  The bumpy stitch pattern on the inner sleeves and back is blackberry stitch, so there ya go.
Photo from June


  1. Gosh, I love the sweater and you look so perky and bright in it. Excellent timing, too, for finishing it since the entire country has gone into the deep freeze.

  2. Your sweater turned out beautifully - I love the cut-away hemline in front. Congratulations on completing your project!


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