June 12, 2016

I am Summer's Thyroid

I am Summer's thyroid. Or adrenals. Or something else endocrine. I make Summer uncomfortable when the temperature tops 75F, or during muggy weather at any temp. I am the cause of much sweating, shakiness, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, and GI unhappiness.

You may think I love my job but you'd be wrong. I am at the whim of Summer's immune system as much as she is, and what a Greek chorus! I did still manage some fun recently: despite classic hyperthyroid symptoms, her thyroid labs came back normal. Oh that was a rewarding day!

Summer is learning to cope with me, which is rich after me coping with her for almost 4 decades. Wicking t-shirts, cooling neck wraps, hand fans and portable spray bottles are just a few things in her Amazon search history. What Summer lacks in heat tolerance she makes up for in google-fu.

So maybe I'm an ass, but I'm hers. Unless I am the problem and she destroys me with radioactive iodine. It's going to take a month to see an endocrinologist, though, so I'll have plenty of fun until then :D


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