February 25, 2011


I have some guy friends.  Guy friends who I'm not remotely interested in.  If I were interested in them it wouldn't be appropriate to have been friends while I was seeing someone else.  That's my rule, for me.  If the guy finds me attractive, not much I can do about that.  I don't exactly have people breaking down my door seeking friendship.

Jealousy reared its ugly head today while chatting with my ex.  I guess it's a way to avoid facing his role in our breakup.  The guy wouldn't commit and was actively avoiding me.  That's the problem.  He also wouldn't talk--thus this conversation when it no longer matters.

It's my business, as a single woman, who I spend my time with.  Nobody, especially a guy who decided work was more important than me, gets to tell me which friends are acceptable or not.  So now I'm looking for new chat buddies during the day.


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