December 29, 2011

Vintage 1930s Blouse

I bought this homemade blouse off etsy, the seller stating that it was from the 30s.  The bodice front and sleeves have hand drawn thread work.  The sleeve hems and front button bands are machine hemstitched, which adds a nice touch.  It's a beautiful piece and very wearable.

The top drawn threads had broken in places so I mended those as invisibly as I could.  Gusset strips had been added between the side seams to enlarge the blouse, at a later date as the seam length and thread were different and the quality of sewing was poorer.  I removed those and now it fits great!

Drawn thread decoration
After taking the first few photos I sewed on vintage mother of pearl buttons, and a snap below the last button.  Whomever originally wore this blouse had a pretty short torso.  I'm tall so I also sewed an extension strip to the bottom, from leftover cotton gauze, to keep the blouse tucked in.

Hem extension, attached with running stitch


  1. What a beautiful find! I've seen drawn threadwork demonstrated and it is fussy, labor-intensive work. Glad you could give the blouse (and all that work) a second life.

  2. @The Slapdash Sewist
    Isn't it lovely? I don't think I'll ever attempt such fine work so was thrilled to find this blouse! Plus it fits so well. Now to make a couple pair of pants to wear with it, until the weather warms.


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