December 7, 2011

Time Out

I'm sick; a sore throat Saturday evening turned into a sinus infection by Sunday night.  So I'm lying low, drinking lots of water and taking antibiotics.  My eyes are bloodshot from the pressure.  You'd think that my body's incredible autoimmunity would translate to actual immunity, but no.

Last Saturday I did finish altering a vintage Pendleton skirt.  I love the plaid even though it was a size too big.  Removing exactly one pleat made it fit well, and it was ready to wear to celebrate my mom's birthday!  We had a great time doing Christmasy things and eating dessert :)

I have some Christmas knitting going on, too.  I'll post photos of the skirt when I'm feeling better.  I should really make up a couple garments.  Getting started can be hard, especially when sick.


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