November 30, 2011

Don't Believe Your Eyes

With photo retouching, and even movies being photoshopped, you really can't believe what you see.  Being surrounded by images of so-called perfection is extremely detrimental to a positive self-image.

Researchers at Dartmouth have developed an altered-image rating program.  Check out the before and afters.  Their aim is to create a Photoshop plug-in to warn retouchers who stray too far from reality.  But isn't that often their goal?  A plug-in for web browsers this would be awesome!  Imagine getting real feedback about the photos you see everyday.


  1. I think a browser plugin like that would be awesome! I don't mind photoshopping of images, but it'd be SO good to know when that's what you're dealing with (and how much)---at a certain point you have to judge an image more like a painting than a photograph.

  2. Jesus Christ. That's insane. And it makes me feel better.

  3. @Tanit-Isis
    It's one thing for me to evaluate ads, but now everything has been altered. It's hard to remember that fact.

  4. @inkedintellect
    It's pretty crazy how far they go. When even the most attractive people in the world don't measure up you know society is in bad shape!

  5. I always appreciate those before-and-afters. It is insane that the "standard" of beauty is completely anybody.


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