November 18, 2011


Straight from Scotland to you...Wool and November rolled into Wovember!  Because it's cold out and wool is warm :) As a knitter I love wool.  It's great for coats and skirts, too.  And makes the best socks ever!

Plus it's environmentally friendly, sustainable, and sturdy.  Support your local sheep.

As an aside: most wool is processed in China, so check the source of your yarn.  Yarn shops carry local yarn, very nice yarns.  Good fleece spun well will wear longer and better.


  1. interesting! i had no idea china exported wool at all.

  2. @inkedintellect
    I researched and China is the world's largest importer of of raw wool, Australia their largest exporter. The wool is processed into yarn and fabric, then made into sweaters, rugs, coats, etc.

    I've noticed local yarns available at my Local Yarn Shop and make an effort to buy locally or support companies I believe in whenever possible.


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