November 29, 2011

Shoes, Yet Again

I went a little overboard buying shoes tonight: I bought four pair!  But returns are free and I'm difficult to fit.  My amazing waterproof Timberlands (similar to Docs) are finally dying :(

So I bought a few pair from Zappos:
I love these from Børn, but they only had an 8.5 where I normally wear a 9.  Fingers crossed...

I like saddle shoes, liked the off-white, and Bass makes narrow width.  I ordered them before remembering that there are quality issues and many people have had the soles split.  Bass was purchased in 2004 and the problems started then.

Another pair of saddle shoes, on sale and also in narrow sizes.  Just to hedge my bets ;)  They're Jumping Jacks, mainly a kid's brand, so sturdily made.

Then I saw a fantastic Cyber Monday sale on Willits saddles in black and white, so bought them:
Willits have been making saddle shoes for years and have many widths to choose from.  The white stands up to hard wear better than I'd have thought, and having been married to an Army guy I know how to shine shoes!

The Fedora Lounge has so much info on saddle shoes, I could never have figured this out in an evening without their resources.  Thanks ladies!

I'd been looking at some fab reverse saddles at Muffys, but they're not available in narrow.  If none of these work I'll definitely call Muffy's and ask about sizing of the reverse saddles.
In the meantime I hope my Visa bill doesn't come too soon!
Muffy's Reverse Saddles


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