January 18, 2014

Friday Night at the V&A

You may have noticed that I didn't finish my London Travelogue.  Adrenal issues and autoimmune flares got in the way.  But I did want to share a magical night:

Friday was spent at the Natural History Museum, one of my favorite places on earth.  It was a welcome Cathedral to Science after the ostentation of monarchy and aristocracy.  Personal endeavor and accomplishment!

Natural History Museum
Then I met back up with my mom and we headed next door to the Victoria and Albert Museum, aka the V&A.  They have the most gorgeous cafe there, which we happily stumbled up.  Need a rest and a glass of wine?  This is the place to go!


Now picture a grand piano between the pillars, playing the most enjoyable and relaxing music, while you relax with excellent company.  These are the moments I love in life, where fortune smilingly gifts something wonderful which I could never have imagined.

Back in the museum proper, a fashion event was taking place.  A DJ was spinning, well dressed students were mingling, and there I was in the middle!  Viewing Trajan's column while reggae drifts through the museum is an incredibly cool way to end a week.


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