January 19, 2014

New Year News

2013 was a difficult year.  But the last three months had some fantastic moments: London!, new friends, more energy!  I got my knitting mojo back, too.  So watch this space for new projects.

Then came the Big Flare.  It become clear that smaller symptoms I'd been ignoring were part of a single serious autoimmune disease.  I saw a new rheumatologist on Dec. 24 and started to get to the bottom of things.  I can't adequately express what a huge deal this is.  I'm on a bit of a prednisone roller coaster until my labs come back and we can start targeted treatment.  The pred allows me to use my hands again, which is nice.

In London I thought, why am I not seeing similar sights in my own city?  Rather than lurking around museums, I've started catching evening events.  Monday I saw a Hey Marseilles show--I have the biggest band crush on them!  Then last night I went to a reading by Karen Russell, an incredible short story author.  I brought an issue of Zoetrope in which she'd been published, and she was excited to see it.  We're Bradbury buds :)

I have great hopes for 2014!


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