January 12, 2015

Practically Painless Humira Hack

I've been using Humira for a few months now.  The auto-injector was seriously painful, so much that I started dreading the injections.  It's subcutaneous, this should be no big deal!  I don't know why Abbvie say to use the thigh: it's fibrous, more vascular, and generally lacking in subcutaneous fat.  I dislike injecting in my stomach because it bruises easily and is rubbed by waistbands :(

I started injecting in my "hip", better known as the muffin top, where I have more fat and less connective tissue.  I barely felt the first such injection, and the second was much less painful despite inferior aim.  Plus I could actually see the yellow indicator.

I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice but just my opinion.  I refer you to the NIH patient education sheet for details on subq injections.  And photographic proof that Humira is subq:


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