January 5, 2015

Welcome 2015, from my happiest place on earth

London's Natural History Museum says hi.
copyright National Geographic

I'm sitting in a warm room, with a cat on my lap (and half on one arm), so things are pretty decent so far.  Having only visited one natural history museum as an adult, it's my happiest place on earth.  I should try virtual tours of the Field Museum and Smithsonian.  Then I can have multiple virtual happiest places :)

Earlier I was browsing my bookshelves and realized that it's like having a bookstore in my home.  Curated by me!  I should start looking at more of my art and knitting books, not just them snooze on my shelves.

Happy New Year to everyone, and Stay Sciencey!

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  1. Gorgeous pic! Love the gremlins/gargoyles climbing the walls. My fave in London was the Tate Modern :) Happy New Year!


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