July 28, 2015

Product Review: Arthritis Compression Gloves

Two challengers enter the ring: Imak arthritis gloves in gray, Isotoner compression gloves in beige.  As our opponents go head to head they reveal their strengths and weaknesses.  Let's get ready to rumble!


Imak's compression gloves, which they call arthritis gloves, are made from a cotton/spandex blend that's comfortable even in summer.  The dark gray color allows them to be worn somewhat incognito.  They have more of a tendency to stretch out between washes than the Isotoner.  My first two pair were size S but recently I tried the XS and prefer them.

My main quibble with the Imak is the shortness of the fingers: I don't pull them completely onto my palm in order for the fingers reach to my second PIP joint.  I also had the seaming on one glove's finger start to unravel, but I quickly resewed it with needle and thread.


These are definitely the ugly support hose of compression gloves.  However, these nylon/spandex gloves work very well and are practically indestructible.  They are worn with the seams on the outside, something I now do with all my compression gloves.  I started with a size M but will next try the S.

Isotoner are my glove of choice in winter since they keep my hands warm even on cold nights.  The fingers are a bit longer than the Imak, a big plus.  They are easier to remove, nice when pinching the fingertips off is difficult of a morning.  They also dry quickly, I can wash them mid day and still have them dry to wear that night.

*I hand wash and hang dry all my compression gloves: it's quick, especially if I throw them on the floor of the shower with me.  And they last much longer.

I started out wearing the size recommended by the manufacturer.  As my joint swelling and pain has progressed, however, I prefer one size smaller.  I found that fitting has more to do with the circumference of the fingers and less to do with palm width.  It can be harder to find the smaller sizes but worth a look.

I hope some people find this helpful.  Do you have any experiences with compression gloves you'd like to share?  Please leave a comment :)


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