December 6, 2015

Remembering why I love my neighborhood

With the huge amount of ongoing construction in this city, and the general human resistance to change, I'd started to forget why I love my neighborhood. Plus my health...stuff. Then today I marched to protest skinheads, where I ran into a neighbor friend and was complimented on my "full-Seattle" handknitting skills (I wore my rainbow mittens). Later I headed to a local pub for dinner and a beer, striking up a conversation with someone who has also tried and failed to make Classics of Science Fiction book club meetings that are held down the street. I chatted with the bar manager, finished the first section of my book, and walked a whole two blocks home.

Oh yeah, this is why I love my corner of Seattle! It's because I feel like I belong, and I actually know people in the community. I'm so glad for the reminder!

PS: Peaceful protesting is awesome, even in the rain. I'm going to have to do it again. I had to skip out early, my ankle was starting to give out, but even that was no big deal.


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