January 6, 2016

2015 Wrap-up

Last year was a good year, overall. Sure it was hard, but I had some positive experiences and feel like I got my groove back toward the end. I see friends talking about how awful their 2015 was but I don't have antipathy toward mine, I feel like we made it through together.

  • Trained and started co-leading a local support group. It's going very well.
  • Took a few trips
  • Made new friends, online and locally
  • Finished knitting two blankets!
  • Failed Humira, failed Simponi, started Benlysta (this is good, trying new things is a positive)
  • Adapted to my new illness level and was able to start doing more
Thanks for reading along with my journey. Hopefully 2016 is full of bugger and better :)


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