January 10, 2016

I'm in Hawaii!

Aloha! I flew into Kona, on the Big Island, last night. It's so beautiful here, and warm and sunny and green. But once again I'm wishing my body contained more melanin ;)
Best of this morning's bad photos

This morning, albeit not first thing, I headed to the beach. I sat on the beach for a few minutes to warm up before jumping into the slightly chilly water. There I got chatting with another woman and made a friend :) Even better, she has tomorrow off work and wants to hang out. Meeting a local on Day 1 is fabulous!

I plan to walk around more and explore later today, there's quite a bit within easy walking distance. This morning's lobby coffee shop latte was disappointing, but I found a Yelp 5 star joint close by :D

View from the hotel balcony

Mahalo for reading. I'll have more photos soon.

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