April 20, 2016

Blog Makeover

I updated some of the descriptions and links to better reflect what I'm actually posting. And what my life is about. I initially said that it's long overdue, and it is, but that's not a kind way to talk to myself.

I've started with links to RA blogs, because that's what I found. There aren't very many people with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (my most recent diagnosis) to begin with, and most of those aren't much up to writing. I know the feeling. And if you google "autoimmune disease blogs" you get freaking Sarah Wilson boasting that quitting sugar cures everything. Thank you The Katering Show for a proper response!

I'm continuing to reach out to fellow autoimmune folks, locally and online. Meet the Arthritis National Research Foundation's latest #CureArthritis team member :) I'm also making new friends and assembling a support system can actually help support me. As well as hammering it into my head that needing support is healthy and normal.

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  1. The Katering Show is terrific isn't it. I hope you get some good support. It's good to talk to some like minded (feeling) people and feel sorry for yourself sometimes.


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