April 9, 2016

Summer Does Serotonin Syndrome

Well, mild serotonin toxicity is more accurate, but it lacks alliteration. Regardless of the name, still not fun.

A nice simple diagram
On Thursday I got terrible nausea and thought, "hmm, maybe I'm getting a migraine." So I took Compazine and Imitrex, went to neck PT, felt better and went about my day. That evening at a friend's I started to feel weird: stomach-twitchy-butterflies, fuzzy headed, trouble focusing my eyes, and akathisia. I took some meds, slept soundly, all better. Right? Not right.

So Fri and today I still felt weird. Yesterday I slept, then today I finally figured out what the heck was going on. Good news: this is not a new autoimmune symptom. Bad news: it's going to take a bit to wear off. Because a bunch of my meds act synergistically and make each other more toxic (isn't science fun?). And dumping two serotonin-happy meds into the mix is a Bad Idea.

Now I've crossed another unpleasant experience that off my chronic illness bucket list. So that's something ;)


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