July 7, 2016

Mission: Very Difficult

My mission, whether I like it or not, is to get myself to the hospital lab for a morning blood draw. This may not seem like a big deal but I am not functional in the morning. I'm supposed to have the draw asap after waking, however it takes at least an hour for my brain to really come online. My waking time of 10am means I can avoid traffic, though.

Transportation is the main consideration. I live intentionally close to the main medical center, but driving oneself to the hospital is never a small matter. I know where to find street parking around the hospital but not at it. And parking garages are complicated. I'll probably take the bus, less to pay attention to that way.

The stress of trying to predict how I'll feel is one of the big issues in my life. I realized recently that I manage very well, considering this is an impossible task. I have become very good at setting and maintaining boundaries!


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