December 11, 2016

Summer's Workshop

I've been getting in the holiday spirit today, crafting to music. I started with Christmas music but listening to it alone made me sad. And it didn't fit my mood, so classic rock it was!
A previously knit angel ornament
Last night I knit a cabled tree ornament. Some stitches were wonky so it got a bath before bed. It was still wet this morning and I stuck it on the baseboard to dry. I finished knitting a second angel today which received similar post-bath attentions.
Speed drying rack
My couch work zone
I also finished two decoupage notions tins.

(L) stitch markers, (R) needles and waste yarn

The cabled tree gets a cork trunk. Here I'm testing the stability of used corks. A meat cleaver came in handy to shorten them.

 The first tree (of 3+) and angel are now done:

I painted this cork trunk to obscure WASHINGTON printed around its base. Brown watercolor plus Mod Podge, then a thin coat of MP, worked very well.

Last week I knit a bird for Ella and stuffed its head with catnip. She seems to approve.


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