December 16, 2016

Tiny Forest's Debut

I finished five tiny trees in time to gift them to my mom yesterday. She liked them very much and laughed. She also thought the pink tree was a lightbulb so take her reaction as you may. Better photos will be taken in their forever home. Maybe.

Presented for your amusement

The last tree was knit while playing pub trivia and in the stark light of day it has a distinct yet inadvertent Seahawks/Sounders vibe.

MLS champs get their own tree?
I used the Pint Sized Pines pattern. The only change I made was to work the Double Cabled Tree's decs in Row 24 as *p1, k2tog, p1, ssk* around so they matched the direction of the cables they perch atop. Because yes, I do notice stuff like that ;p


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