March 24, 2018

Never a dull moment; or I am Summer's flooded apartment

Life continues to be interesting, with my apartment flooding yesterday and more water issues today. Plus some Ella news. With a health update at the end.

Yesterday morning: minor flooding in my bathroom, kitchen, bedroom closet. No leak found, water vacuumed.

Yesterday afternoon: more flooding in bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen. Mass furniture migration. Kitchen wall opened, leak found, leak patched overnight. More water vacuumed.

Lake Living Room
This morning: ceiling rain in the shower, drain pipe repair, snow, hysterical laughter.
This didn't inspire confidence
The shower's drop ceiling was leaky last night and the sheetrock had some give. This morning it was positively squishy. I poked holes and voila streams of water.

Ella didn't approve 
By noon today: the drain pipe, perforated by aggressive snaking Thurs morning, was repaired. Temporary plastic was applied.
New shower ceiling
One of a kind kitchen
The point when I broke:

11:09 am
There's water damage to more walls in the bathroom, which maintenance will fix next week. I don't know how extensive the repairs will be. I am not confident that one day will be enough.

The good news: the floors are fine, just dirty. No furniture was damaged. The apartment is livable. The sun came out in the afternoon. And I have the weekend to rest.

Ella: Ella saw the vet Tuesday for an exam. She's almost 13yo so they ran blood work and the vet called Wednesday with the news that she has chronic kidney disease. Monday I take her back to check blood pressure and talk dietary management options. They were quite charmed by Ella, and shocked that she'd been a feral kitten, so that at least made me feel good.

Health update: insurance approved Enbrel in late Jan, I took three doses in Feb, but had such a bad reaction to it that I had to quit. It increased fatigue, cognitive issues, and joint pain, caused dizziness, hot and cold flashes, and overall made me feel awful.

I saw my rheumatologist two weeks ago. I'm to recover from Enbrel and start triple drug therapy (Plaquenil, methotrexate, and sulfasalazine). We'll talk next steps in two months.

I started weekly acupuncture in January, and that helped with temperature issues in spite of Enbrel. The goal is to help balance my body systems, and now that I'm recovering from Enbrel I am optimistic that acupuncture's benefits will be more noticeable. It makes for a busier week, though.

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  1. Ugh--what a way to start Spring! I hope your apartment is repaired quickly and you have no other water issues. Sending healing thoughts to you and your kitten.


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