January 22, 2012

Crazypants; Or Putting the Fun in Fanatic

More dating stories from yours truly.  I honestly had no idea there were so many broken men out there!  I asked out someone I met at a book group.  This is part of his reply:
Now women are allowed to take the initiative to invite men to certain social gatherings where men are able to then take initiative...e.g. `Hey, there's a hike...' or `party' or `trip' . But if it's just for the sake of `going out', then a man must be the one to ask you.

Whose rules he's citing, I have no idea.  All the people I know, men and women, have no problem with women asking out a man.  Then Whackjob Crazypants said, "You're plenty pretty enough that you don't need to worry that a man you will be happy with will at some point pursue you."  Grrrr.  I'm quite proud of myself, however, as my responses were family friendly.  Nor did they require paging the Grammar Police ;)

Then I had a nice date last night, with a good guy I've seen a couple times.  I had been hoping to find a nice Christian guy but nice and Christian seem mutually exclusive, so I'm happy for an enjoyable date in pleasant company.


  1. Oh goodness, run away from a man who says women can't ask men out!

    1. Believe me, I ran as fast as the internet would allow! I'd have had an overwhelming urge to slap him had the exchange been in person.


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