January 8, 2012

Finished Mittens!

The best ever super-softy-lined mittens were finished last night and I wore them today :)  I'd run out of white angora but found more squirreled away, enough to finish the hands and start the thumbs.  This meant I could continue the white border along the sides, which makes me happy.  The thumb tips are in brown angora, which is kind of a fun surprise.

They fit great, are very warm but not too much so, and it's still winter!

The inside

I wrote earlier about changing the design on the hand.  The new design was square on graph paper but very squat once knitted.  I extended the pattern by one row top and bottom (with needle and white yarn) on the exterior but left the interior as is.  The second mitten was knitted with the extra rows.  You can see the difference below.

(L) Improved motif, (r) Original motif

The consensus seems to be that these mittens feel so good it's almost wrong!  I can live with that :)

Ran out of white angora


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