January 21, 2012

I Finished Something!

A test hoodie, with some striped knit that wasn't usable for its original purpose.  Or course stripes made it much more time consuming, but now I'm done!  The pattern, Butterick 4198, is pretty good.  Next up is a longer version from coral french terry.

Underneath the hoodie is a dress I'm working on--please ignore the red zipper.

The fabric had interesting selvedges so I cut the hood on the selvedge.  I also sewed on selvedge strips for the front bands.  The fuzzy edges were turned back and topstitched.  I didn't have a zipper for this so left off closures.

Many of the interior seams were serged.  The hems were double topstitched with my sewing machine.

The finish work isn't great.  I had some serger troubles, which a good oiling seems to have fixed, but it looks pretty good from the outside.  I'm pleased with how most of the stripes matched up.  The fronts match up perfectly, they're just misaligned in the photos.

Inside front band (eek!)
Front band 

Side seam


  1. Wow.. very cool! It looks great and also very comfy.

    1. Thanks! It is pretty comfy, just right for throwing on indoors.


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