April 19, 2012

Comments and Replies

I generally like Blogger but missed the ability to reply to comments via email.  Now I can.  The catch is it requires the reader to do a few minute's work.  Here's how, if you're so inclined:

If you have the older Blogger interface please follow these excellent directions.

In the new Blogger interface, click your icon in the top right corner.  A box pops out, click "Blogger Profile", and you'll be navigated to a new page.
Scroll down to User Profile and check the box "Show my email address".  Then under Identity make sure that your desired email address is entered.  Click Save Profile at the bottom and bob's your uncle!  Now Blogger bloggers can reply to your comments.

I've passed the 200 posts mark and a huge thanks to everyone who reads my blog, and especially to those saintly few who comment.  I love each and every one of you!  Readers give me so much motivation to keep trying.


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