April 23, 2012

Gah, Google!

First they mess with Blogger, removed a couple of my favorite features.  Then today I noticed that absentmindedly moving photos in Picasa deleted them from my blog, so I skimmed through and replaced photos in my entire blog.  I've written a lot!  A few weird issues popped up, of course, but everything should be working again.

I had a date last night and am trying to stay positive.  It wasn't a bad date, it just wasn't easy or fun.  Part of me knows I'm looking for a man I'm comfortable with, that just being together isn't work.  The other part of me wonders whether he exists, or I'll ever find him, and doesn't know what to do about that.  Then I see happy couples doing Spring-type stuff and it sucks.


  1. I've learned -- the hard way -- that once you post a photo that links to Picasa, you can't change the original Picasa file, or (I'm guessing) the link code changes and the photo disappears.

    Sounds like you figured this out! ;)

    1. Apparently I forgot, or rearranged them in desktop Picasa thinking it would be ok. I wish I could stick a Post-it on the screen to remind me!


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