February 24, 2013

Morning Routine

Each morning I wake to an alarm, even when I don't need to get up early.  Chronic pain often makes sleep unrestorative, which means I feel more exhausted when I wake then when I go to bed.  This does wear off but not quickly.  My Ella kitty takes the alarm as her signal that I'm ready to get up!  She starts calling to me, or whining, depending how sleepy you are.  Soemtimes she'll snuggle with me for a snooze or two, other times she's very insistent.

Once I do get up, open the blinds, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, open the other blinds and turn up the heat, she continues letting me know that she's been watiting all night for me.  Only when I finally walk into the kitchen, feed her, and kneel on the floor to pet her does she calm down.  Even though I do the exact same things every morning.  Then I take my meds and plop on the couch to check email and connect with online friends, and she takes up her usual spot on my lap.  And promptly goes back to sleep ;)


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