February 7, 2013

Summer's Been Sewing?

What a shocking surprise!  It wasn't mere mending or alterations, either.  I cut and basted together a pants muslin of Burda 04-2010 #119, to make navy wool trousers.  I've wanted to sew pants like this for years: the silhouette is great, they're comfy, and they'll look fantastic with my new handknit vest.  

The muslin looked surpisingly good considering I used cotton broadcloth, didn't press my darts or seams, and cut the muslin with only a 6" inseam.  Slapdash all the way!  All sewing was done after dark so I have no embarrassing photos.  Now that I know they fit I'll go back and press seams and give them a better try on, with photos to double check the fit.

All the raves about Burda's excellent pants block are true--the fit is great as is, just a few tweaks in the fashion fabric.  Compared to the Simplicity trouser muslin, in the same fabric, these look practically wearable!  The wool twill is from Fashion Fabrics Club's wool sale last winter, midweight with a nice drape.  I'd considered lining them, to prevent bagging, then realized that was a lot to take on for my first trouser project (though my third pair of non-PJ pants).  I just downloaded David Coffin's Making Trousers... from the library, so perhaps that will convince me to take the leap and line them. 

Burda 04-2010 #119, without cuffs


  1. Pants victory is not to be underestimated! I *still* haven't progressed beyond muslin #1 from my class...

    1. The well fitting pants muslin is truly a minor miracle! Thankfully I seem to be easy to fit for pants, but long torsos present their own problems for dresses.


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