February 28, 2013

Never Ending Pockets

Between Burda and my pain-based congnitive impairment,  I've sewn (and unpicked) at least a dozen wrong pocket seams on these trousers  Last night culminated in a big mistake and needing to recut the hip pieces :(  Thankfully I had enough fabric.

I've switched from Burda's text directions to Simplicity directions with diagrams, and hope that helps.  I'm also stacking pieces together before sewing to reduce errors.  It is immensely frustrating to not be able to trust my brain on a day-to-day basis.  Especially when energy to sew is such a precious thing!

Here is where I left off:

Pocket pieces top, pant fronts under, pattern tracings all around

Waistband pieces: wool outer, organza lining, madras plaid inner waistband.
Front plaid piece becomes fly facing.

I was very frustrated last night.   Today I realized that once I've conquered the pockets it'll be pretty smooth sailing to finish the pants.  The next big step is inserting the fly zip and I have many visual resources for that.  I just hope these I can wear these trousers this late winter/early spring.  I even knit a vest to wear with them.


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