April 7, 2013

FO: Earring Holder

Last weekend I knit a neat project, a strip to hold my earrings.  It's made from scrap purple wool, knit in garter stitch to the required length.  A butterfly pin of my great-aunt's decorates the bottom edge.

Most of my earrings had been living in the base of a ring holder, which lead to a jumble of earrings in short order.  Now the earrings are on display, and I'm more likely to see and wear them.  This earring holder holds many more earrings than fit in the ring holder, as well, so they're no longer scattered between a couple other jewelry boxes.

The Ravelry project page has more details.  The lighting in my bathroom is pretty horrible, sorry about the poor photos.  I had a long weekend of migraine last week, and was very glad to have an easy project to distract me and add a sense of productivity.

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  1. Very clever! I love the little butterfly pin to finish it off.


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