April 21, 2013


Because you can never have too many hobbies.  And the Zombiepocalypse might be cold.

It all started about 8 years ago, when my aunt gave me a spinning wheel.  She sent it with a how-to video and some wool.  I tried to spin, couldn't get the knack, and set the wheel aside.  Recently some online friends were talking about spinning and I tried again.  Lo and behold, I got the hang of it!  Much of the initial problem was with the fiber, it was too lumpy to spin easily.  I tried with another piece and it was so much easier.

So far I've spun several small balls of different yarns, just learning the motions.  I'm working on a full bobbin of thinner wool, as even as possible.  I enjoy the sensation of spinning, the coordinated movements and the feel of wool gliding through my fingers.


  1. How very cool! I always loved reading descriptions of spinning in novels when I was a kid. It seems so magical!

    1. It is pretty cool, and really hard! If I can really get the hang of it I'll feel magical ;)


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