August 8, 2016

Summer has a Sweetheart

I started dating again in December, leading me to meet such jewels as "Drunk Texter" and "Pee pee pants." I dated someone for a few months which ultimately resulted in a good friendship. I created a hierarchy of dating nos (#1: smelly, #2: boring). I tried out some fun new bars and started to really get the hang of casual dating.

But then one guy made my heart go pitty pat. And it's mutual :) Friends say, "oh, he's cuuuute" when shown his photo. He is kind, smart, fun, cheerful, adorably awkward, and he likes me. My health problems aren't a concern for him and he hasn't been spooked by fun stuff like 24hr urine collection. It's still early but this seems to have real long term potential. Plus he cooks!


I adore comments! Thanks for taking the time :)

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