December 21, 2010

New Wall Art

Dining area flanked by fabric panel
I finished another project: a large panel covered in fabric.  It's ~20"x6' and adds color while creating a separation between the living room and dining area.  It was pretty inexpensive and looks great, I think :)

The fabric
I saw this fabric online and loved it immediately.  Decorating with fabric is a great way to add color and texture on a budget.  With the leftover material I'll make covers for my sewing machine and serger.

The frame was constructed from engineered lumber I had on hand.  I created a mitered frame and glued and stapled it together (wood screws didn't work in the engineered lumber).  Two straight pieces were added to brace the long sides.  In the photo below you can see one of the cross braces.

The frame
After the frame is complete staple the selvedge edge straight along one side, pulling the fabric taught along the selvedge as you go.  Then stretch and staple the fabric on the opposite side center, and top and bottom.  Continue stretching and stapling the fabric on the second long side from the middle out.  Then staple the two shorter ends in the same way.  The corners were folded under neatly and stapled.


  1. These are lovely :) Reminds me of stretching canvas for my long-ago painting classes.

    I think getting to decorate however you like would be a bonus of living alone ;)... I have mostly given up on doing anything as it usually creates big fights with my hubby /sigh.

  2. @tanitisis
    Thank you :) I did a couple smaller pieces actually using canvas stretchers. Much faster than building your own frame!

    It's tough to marry two styles and tastes! Decorating is definitely not something worth fighting about imo :/


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