May 30, 2011

Blouse Fitting Take 2

I did some work on the blouse and it's not bad after all.  The tucks and darts are sewn, inches scooped out of the low back, and sleeves sewn in.  Now to add the neckline trim, sew the side seams and hem the sleeves and body.  My mom gave it a thumbs up :)

I'm hoping to have enough trim to cover the entire top of the raglan sleeves--with the mitred corners this shouldn't be difficult.  I can always cannibalize the second pillowcase if needed.

Initially I was disappointed in the thickness of the bleached muslin, but it works very well with the trim.  I also don't mind this top being sturdier.  I bought a skirt on Saturday that should look very nice with it.

I have a mending project going as well, a 30s blouse with drawn thread work.  It's in pretty good shape, just needs a few seams resewn and some cosmetic mends.  As well as a good soak in Biz!  It's quite short so I'm planning to hand stitch a strip of light cotton to the hem, to help it stayed tucked in.  It's nice to have some handwork, when my arms cooperate.


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