May 7, 2011

Sewing While Sick

I was (really really) hoping to be at a party tonight with the awesome ladies of my knit group.  Instead I'm home sick.  Tight muscles in my neck are trying to trigger a migraine so it's lie on the couch and watch a movie till bedtime :/
Vogue 6321 Panties

I did get a little bit of sewing done this week!  I'm working on the tap pants project.  A gorgeous vintage example are here.  I traced off a modern pj pants pattern to shorts length and cut it from muslin.  Then basted them together to check fit, and sewed them up.

To decide where to put the waistband I tried on the shorts inside out, pulling the wasistband elastic over top.  I adjusted the shorts and elastic till comfy and drew a pencil line under the elastic.  As usual for my pants the front had plenty of extra fabric above the elastic while the center back had none.

I was contemplating adding a separate elastic casing but since I'm using reclaimed plush-backed elastic from boxers it'll be fine against the skin.

My neck started to really hurt so I stopped for the day.  I need to triple check the fit (these are for my mom so I'm guessing) before serging the rest of the seam allowances.  Then I'll sew on the elastic waistband and hem them.  I'm thinking a scallop stitched hem will look nice and avoid bulk.


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