May 17, 2011

Facings; Vintage Knitting

I know I'm not the only one who hates facings.  I've read other sewists comment on them, yet they keep turning up in patterns!  I'd rather bias bind an edge, narrow hem, line the garment, any number of things besides facings.  That funny line or change in color where the facing leaves off but the garment continues just galls me.

My least favorite facing is on women's shirts.  Men's shirts don't have facings, why do pattern companies continue to draft women's blouses with facings?  I always ignore the directions and double fold the front band, or sew a band on.  Examining a similar RTW garment helps in deciding how to eschew facings.

Facings do have their uses: in jackets, waistbands, when making scalloped hems or trim, absolutely.  Hem facings can be very useful on hems, to prevent wear or when your'e short of fabric.  Some pre-50s vintage patterns are best sewn as the directions dictate, facings and all, and that I don't mind.

*Vintage Knitting: I'm translating a German pattern for knitted lace chemise or blouse trim.  The garment is then sewn onto the trim.  The patterns are under copyright but I'd be happy to share a synopsis of the construction techniques, if anyone is interested.  I should check Google archives, since I know Godey's Lady's Book and similar publications have such patterns.

I've been sewing and hope to have a finished garment to share by tomorrow :)


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