June 28, 2011

A New Passion

I've always been fascinated by anatomy and medicine, and planned to be a doctor.  This plan solidified at age 15: I would be a general surgeon and practice in the developing world where help was needed most.  I love using my mind and hands together.  Then I developed a constant headache, and later fibromyalgia and muscle pain, so became a professional patient instead.

With pain came many hours to fill...daytime tv is even worse than it sounds!  I'd always been interested in beautiful textiles.   I took up knitting to keep from going crazy.  I also started quilting, even making a twin-sized quilt for my best friend.  She still uses it :)  I started garment sewing more recently.

I was forced to find a new passion in handwork and am glad for what I've learned.  The feeling of creating something beautiful and unique is unmatched. Sometimes, though, I can't help but think "what if."

Have you had to find a new passion, or did one sneak up on you?  Is your passion a retreat from the stresses of everyday life?  I'd love to hear what most excites you about your hobbies and passions.


  1. You are a wonderful creator/artist and I have no doubt that you would've been a wonderful surgeon.

    if I had to choose a passion I think it would be learning (about anything interesting, really) and reading. That is probably the lamest thing ever. I'm just good at both of them and I feel like the more one thinks and learns, the better off they are.

  2. Life never turns out the way you planned, right? When I was 18 I was positive I wouldn't be married until I had an advanced degree and turned 27. Now, I'm 26, married with 3 boys and a college dropout (well, one day I'll return so I'm not positive that's the right term? Maybe it is until I return?). I wanted to be a statistician.

    Anyway, I was driven to sewing as a domestic skill because my other hobbies weren't child conducive. I also took up gardening, but sewing won out. It took a couple years, but now I love it.

    I loved the story about your cat chewing on your shirt. He (she?) looks darling. [I bet he would when he was wet, too:)]

  3. @coffeeandvicodin
    Nothing lame about loving to learn :) It's a wonderful thing!

    And thank you, I appreciate the compliments :)

  4. @Amber
    Isn't life strange? I'd say leaving college to raise three children is definitely not dropping out! I'm in awe of everyone who raises good kids. Glad you can sneak some sewing in with them :)

    That's my Ella cat, sneaky little thing. When wet she looks like claws!!! lol


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