June 7, 2011

Quilt Progress

Finished blocks
I finished piecing and pressing all 20 blocks last night :)  This makes me a day ahead of schedule!  So there's time to have a bad day, and spend more time on the quilting, while still finishing the quilt for Saturday.  I hope.

 Still to finish:

  • sew the blocks together and add borders (creating the quilt top)
  • layer the backing, batting and top, and safety pin them together
  • quilting
  • binding
  • sign and date the quilt

The blocks are 9" finished size, and the quilt will be 4 blocks wide by 5 high, plus borders.
Quilt layout

If I have time I'd like to quilt a special design in the large white square created where the blocks meet (center of photo at left).

The big decision now is what to use for backing.  I'd love some opinions!

The white and larger blue floral in the blocks are flannel, and I have enough of the blue to back the quilt.  Except that it works in small amounts and is, imo, rather hideous on its own.  I have another flannel, a small floral, that could work.  However I'm leaning toward bleached muslin at this point--I have it, it looks and wears well, and nobody dislikes white.

I am decided on the borders.  The lighter blue for the inner border and darker blue for the outer border.  I may add a narrow innermost white border, to visually separate the blocks from the borders.  The whole thing will be bound with the dark blue print.  It's a really cool fabric, pointillist in appearance, and won't show dirt.  I want this baby quilt to be used.

Block with border fabrics

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  1. i lovelovelovelove it!!! what an awesome gift! white can be good for backing but shows stains. and if the quilt is used a lot, it can get raggedy after a few years and the stains wont come out. i know from experience - i kept/slept my baby quilt til i was 21 cuz i loved it so much (lame right?). maybe a darker backing?


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