July 20, 2011

Prick Stitching

In May I bought a 10 gore skirt (fitted at waist, flared at hem) with embroidery around the hem.  It's lovely :)
However, the fusible interfacing came unfused in spots and the white lining wanted to peek out.  I tried understitching the lining, no luck.  I have matching blue thread so decided to try prick stitching the layers.  My first prick stitch project, at least knowing the term ;)  It requires attention but turned out quite well and works great!

I backstitched using tiny stitches on the front and 1/4" stitches on the reverse.  Where the fusible interfacing (between the skirt and lining) wanted to curl I pinned it flat ahead of my stitching.  I used a 6" sewing gauge to evenly stitch approx. 1/4" apart and from the edge.

In the right light the stitches are quite visible but typically they're almost invisible (except against the white lining, lol)

I love the embroidered cutwork on this skirt, and how the embroidery crosses the seams.  This is definitely a piece I couldn't have sewn myself, and second hand it cost far less than I'd have spent even on fabric!

The other change I made was to flip the hook at the waist: the hook faced in and dug into my skin.  It was loose already, so I reversed and resewed it hook-side-out and now I'm not attacked by my own clothing ;)


  1. This looks gorgeous---good for you! And I bet the skirt as a whole is amazing.

  2. @Tanit-Isis
    Thanks, it is so fun to wear! Totally changed my mind on gored skirts :)


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