July 12, 2011

1930s Blouse Final Post

Last September I started the Wearing History "Summer in Newport" blouse.  I was excited about the project but the garment doesn't flatter me.  Previous posts herehere and here.  I'm not sure whether it's my fabric, placement of the underbust gathers, or the style isn't for me.  Likely a combination of all of these factors.

I do like the camisole (which I'm not wearing in these photos) and may return to the blouse at some future date.  In November it was too cold to sew, or try on, sheer tops.  The blouse sat in a drawer since then.  The front is cut from two layers of the sheer fabric, the back and sleeves from one.

The main problem was that the blouse made my breasts appear to hang around my waist, though the back looks pretty good.

Front unaltered

The waist line on the front was around my belly button, not at my natural waist (marked at CF).  When I pinned up the midriff portion it did look better, the cowl and sleeves draping nicely.  The neckline is very high and needs to be scooped out.  I had to slit it to be able to button the blouse.
Midriff pinned up, sleeves basted on

Side with a tuck

There is extra fabric under the arms as well and I don't know what to do with it.

Side unaltered

Right: as-is the underarm fabric pulls down the cowl and sags.

Since this fabric is so difficult to work with and results lackluster I'm giving up.  I like some aspects of the pattern: the drapey raglan sleeves, cowl neckline, shaped button back.  I would like to use them at some point even if I don't attempt the blouse again.


  1. Aww, too bad! I think I COULD look really nice, especially if that underbust seam was actually under the bust, as opposed to halfway down your torso (it may be drafted to sit low---I certainly have seen other patterns like that---but I think it's a really hard look for anyone to pull off.)

    Trying to fit raglan sleeves breaks my brain, though, so I don't have much else to offer. Better luck next time, I guess. :(

  2. @Tanit-Isis
    It's a shame but I'm happy to move onto something more rewarding! If I do try this pattern again I'll raise the underbust seam: great minds think alike ;)

    These are actually great fitting raglan sleeves so I'll definitely use them again! I see fluttery sleeves in my future, frankenpatterned on :)

  3. How disappointing to do all that work in a difficult fabric and end up with a result you don't like. :( The back does look really great, though.

  4. @The Slapdash Sewist
    It is disappointing, thus the delay in posting this from Oct. I was surprised at the 'hip spring" look in the back photo! I like it :)

    Once I play with serger rolled hems, if they work on this fabric, I may finish it.


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