October 9, 2010

1930s Blouse Yet Again

I'm still working on the blouse.  There is an issue: the pattern fits together well, it fits, but it's not flattering.  Instead of a fitted midriff and gathering accentuating my breasts the gathering is halfway down my ribs.  Presumably as part of all this, the waist hits below my waist and the hem is about an inch lower in the front.

I tried on the blouse, I fiddled with it on the dress form, I thought.  I'm going to finish sewing it as is and simply add side bust darts.  This should remove much of the excess fabric and raise the waist line to my waist.  The upper edge of the cowl neck is very tight so I'll be scooping out some of that extra fabric as well.

I'm posting while unable to sleep but will take some photos of the problem, and hopefully have more pictures to share of the completed and satisfactory blouse.


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